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UMNO today is known as the largest party and is the core of the party forming the government with the largest number of seats and its leaders were policy makers. It is one of the oldest democratic-style political party amongst parties in developing countries and is still strongly positioned even after a series of events and challenges. UMNO is respected by friends and opponents on the principles of justice, firmness and the ability to carry out their agreed policies.

The birth of UMNO was the result of the merger of Malay organizations with various streams of philosophy and opinions that agreed to take joint action for the survival of the Malays. Faced with the Malayan Union plan brought by the British after the Second World War, these organizations voluntarily disband themselves in order to pave the way for a leading political party as a statement of the wishes of all Malaysians and groups of Malays to fight for their rights.


Ibu Pejabat UMNO Malaysia
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